Friday, July 17, 2009

Ceramic ArtTiles and Ornaments in Progress

Here are some of the things I've been working on instead of blogging (or figuring out how to lay out the pictures in a blog) for the past few weeks.

After working on them for so long, I get so attached to some of the tiles at this stage that I almost don't want to fire them! They're in the kiln now. For the most part the colors will get MUCH deeper, darker, more vibrant. And shiny, of course!

These are some of the ArtTiles from the Sea Life collection:

Here are some of the ornaments:

And here, some baby ArtTile sea turtles, hatching from their shells!

Thank you all for your MUCH-appreciated suggestions on how to edit/format my blog posts & pictures. I'll be checking your suggestion this week as soon as I get some orders out of the kiln and in the mail. (This time I couldn't even get the photos to display next to one another! And now, instead of ADDING random line breaks, I can't even get the ones I put in to Even some of my old posts have re-arranged themeselves, darn it!) The 'compose' display looks great, the 'preview' display looks great, and then I hit 'publish' and it all goes >kersplat!<