Saturday, August 15, 2009


It’s a beautiful morning, bright and blue and clear, with just a little hazy smoke around the edges and just the slightest scent of smoke in the air. A day full of hope, of promise, with just a hint of the fall soon to come. A day to count blessings, and be grateful.

For a time, I used to keep a sort of journal where each night I would write down the five things I was most grateful for that day. A nice reminder to notice, and appreciate the good. And attract more in the process! So today--

1. I’m grateful for a beautiful day, in a beautiful place, on a beautiful planet.

2. I’m grateful that Trader Joe’s sells good German and Swiss chocolate for a reasonable price, and that I have to go in to town today and right by there anyway...

3. I’m grateful for the new (to me) little toaster oven from my friend Emily, that I can use to make myself dinner, without heating up the big oven & the entire kitchen. While I’m at it, I’m grateful for my wise and wonderful friend Emily and her calm, clear take on life.

4. I’m beyond grateful for my wonderful, loving, supportive-in-spite-of-all-the-stupid-things-I-do mother. I love you, Mommy!

5. I’m grateful to alive, to be healthy, to feel (even when it hurts), to be given the opportunity to do better.

It’s hard to believe that just up the coast the fire has doubled in size again.  A special wave of gratitude to all the firefighters and the incredible work they do to keep us all safe.

Have a wonderful weekend! Laugh, love, play, pray. Life is good.