Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo Wrangling (and failing, for the moment...)

On a whole separate note, I still haven't sat down and puzzled out all the ins-and-outs of blogger. Haven't figured out how to put pictures where & how I want them, or how to keep random extra lines breaks from being added each time I post. Any advice / hints / tips would be appreciated! In the meantime, scattered willy-nilly and completely randomly below, are a couple of pictures of some of the tiles and ornaments I've made in the last few days, in various stages of drying & cleaning.

It's another beautiful, sunny day! Was almost feeling guilty yesterday that I spent most of it indoors--I've spent the last several days cutting out new clay ArtTile shapes. VERY concerned at the moment--I still have lots of ideas, but am running out of clay! I've conned my dear, patient Mom into coming out this afternoon and helping me clean my creations. Wasn't too hard to do--there's a higher rate of attrition when I clean, and that upsets her no end. I won't tell her that a big pelican ornament bit the dust (literally!) last night. I also made a tiny little bowl--I mean TEENY tiny--last night. I don't know what for, but I love it! It's just big enough to put a pair of earrings into--you know, when you finally fall, exhausted and grateful into bed, turn over, and ouch! Realize that you forgot to take your earrings out and now are getting poked every time you move your head. So I guess I do know what that bowl is for. So there!

And yes, Debbie, and thanks for asking: I went to the gym again yesterday. Have been going almost every weekday. Probably not staying as long as I should, but still getting a workout and some cardio in. Kinda thrilled that I'm actually doing it...:)